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Poems in Print

  • “Spring, Again” and “from A Death Diary: Day 21,” GUEST  (forthcoming)
  • from “MOTHERSALT: A Lyric,” Columbia Journal, Spring 2019
  • “Notes from the Birth Year: On Breastfeeding,” Washington Square Review, Spring 2019
  • “from MOTHERSALT: A Lyric [32 Weeks, 5 Days; 37 Weeks, 4 Days; and 37 Weeks, 5 Days],” CALYX, Vol. 31.1
  • “Ode to Mochi” and “Origin and Departure,” The Massachusetts Review, Vol. 59.4
  • “from MOTHERSALT: A Lyric [34 weeks, 4 days],” Indiana Review, Vol. 40.1
  • “After Hiroshima” and “Isako’s Rules to Remember,” The Fourth River, Issue 15
  • “If You Please,” Green Mountains Review, Vol. 29.2
  • “Nighttime Feed,” Fourteen Hills, Vol. 23.1
  • “Origin and Departure (I),” Nomadic Ground Press
  • “Cebu,” Cimarron Review, Issue 194
  • “In the Womb” and “Prayer,” Smartish Pace, Issue 22
  • “Wild” and “[Not the river],” Mid-American Review, Vol. XXXV, No. 2
  • from “A History of Isako,” Bone Bouquet, Vol. 5, Issue 2
  • “River,” Phylogeny: SWP Magazine 2013
  • “The Locks,” The Greensboro Review, Number 94
  • “Mother at Bath,” CutBank, Issue 78
  • “As If,” Best New Poets 2012, Meridian/Samovar Press
  • Crossing,” “[This kind of morning],” “On Terror,” “This Is Not a Story” and “Interior Security Regulations,” Asian American Literary ReviewVol. 3.2
  • The Cello,” Stanford Journal of Asian American Studies, Vol. III

Poems in Anthologies

  • (un)seen, ed. Arlyn Miller (Poetic License Press, forthcoming)
  • They Rise Like A Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poets, ed. Christine Kitano and Alycia Pirmohamed (Blue Oak Press, forthcoming 2020)
  • The World I Leave You: Asian American Poets on Faith and Spirit, ed. Lee Herrick and Leah Silvieus (Orison Books, forthcoming 2020)
  • Responses, New writings, Flesh, ed. Ronaldo Wilson, Bhanu Kapil, and Mg Roberts (Nightboat Books, forthcoming)
  • Ink Knows No Borders: Poems of the Immigrant and Refugee Experience, ed. Patric Vecchione and Alyssa Raymond (Triangle Square, 2019)
  • Dismantle: An Anthology of Writing from the VONA/Voices Writing Workshop (Thread Makes Blanket Press, 2014)

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